Egg drop


I just did the egg drop and my box was a box that looked like the Tardis from doctor who. I also had a parachute. We had to drop it off of a 2 story building. My thing survived. But we had to destroy the egg to see if it was hard boiled. My box only got water damage.

Animal report

Adèlie Penguins
By: Peyton

Do you want to learn about Adélie penguin? Well I’m going to teach you about them. I’m going to teach you about what they look like, their habitat, their diet, and their adaptations. I chose Adélie penguins because penguins are one of my favorite animals and I wanted to know more about them.

I am going to give you some information about Adèlie penguins. Penguins are covered in black and white feathers and they can swim for about 5 mph. They weigh 10 pounds and are 2.5 feet tall and are clumsy. They are also good swimmers, noisy, and medium sized. That is the information I know about Adèlie penguins.

Now I am going to tell you about the habitat. They live on the coast of Antarctica. They live below the equator. Some penguins share their habitat with other animals. In Antarctica it snows all the time even in the summer. The climate has lots of icebergs and the water cold.

I am going to talk about their diet. Like most Antarctica animals they eat krill. They also eat fish and squid. They use their tongue to get fish and krill. That is what I know about their diet.

Now I’m going to talk about its adaptations. They have wings that don’t help them fly it helps them swim. Also their feathers help them keep warm in the cold. They have white patches over their eyes so other penguins will recognize the pattern and know it’s part of their species.

Those are the things that I know about Adélie superised me that baby penguins get food from their mothers mouth. I hope you liked my paragraphs.


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Art literacy

We had art literacy today. We studied the art by Roy Lichtenstein. He was an American pop artist. I created my own “pop art” using pencils, sharpies, and bright oil pastels to make my own version of candy here is my favorite example of Lichtenstein’s art and my “pop art”. Do you recognize it?



Animal report

In class we have been working on animal reports. I am doing a report on Adélie penguins because penguins are my favorite animal. Adélie penguins are special because their wings are used for swimming not flying. Here is a picture of my animal. I will post my report wen I complete my final draft. What animal are you interested in?


Figurative language


In class we are learning about 3 types of figurative language. They are simile, metaphor, and personification. A simile is a comparison using “like or as” . A personification is a type of metaphor it gives a human characteristic to a nonliving object. My favorite type of figurative language is personification. I like this the best “the snack that smiles back”


Oreo: Milk’s favorite cookie
Nothing hugs like Huggies – Huggies diapers
Goldfish – The snack that smiles back – Goldfish snack crackers
Kleenex says bless you – Kleenex facial tissues
The car that cares – Kia
Unwrap a smile – Little Debbie snack cakes
Carvel – It’s what happy tastes like – Carvel ice cream

These are some personifications in advertisements. Have you heard of them?